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About Method


Method combines innovative construction with dynamic architectural design.

Quality Craft

Our mission is grounded in the principles of quality and sustainability. Simply put, we are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable structures using a streamlined process that allows us to build, deliver, and complete the project in less than 4 months. Because we manage every cut and nail as well as final assembly and transportation services, our product is sturdier, healthier and more environmentally friendly. There is no mold, no contaminants, no rush work in inclement weather — there are no surprises.

Method can build a custom home 60 percent faster than the traditional site-built construction cycle, which means you get into a new home on a fixed budget within a predictable timeline.

“Method Homes was founded with a mission of building thoughtful, sustainable structures using an innovative construction process.”

-Brian Abramson, Co-Founder

The Method Advantage

Method Homes provides fully integrated construction services on every project, including engineering and site coordination nationwide. We offer unlimited customization are able to build anything that can be prefabricated, including our architect-designed models and custom designs from your architect or ours. Additionally, we can design and execute hybrid prefab projects with custom site-built components. Our quality is unparalleled in the prefab space and our focus is on the craftsmanship and materials it takes to make that quality happen.

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