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Presale 2017 Monogram Modern Home by Dwell

On 06, Jan 2017 | In blog, Featured, News | By methodhj

This Dwell designed 600 square foot custom home features an open living space complete with high-end modern finishes and chef’s kitchen outfitted with luxury appliances. Ideal studio, office or guest home. Priced to sell at $200k. For more information, click here.



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Dwell + Monogram Invite You to the Monogram Modern Home June 24–26 in LA

On 22, Jun 2016 | In blog, Events, Featured, News | By methodhj

Dwell and Monogram Appliances are joining forces for the 2016 Monogram Modern Home Tour.


This modern design road trip will take us to six cities across the U.S. in celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and design. Join us as we celebrate at our third tour stop at Dwell on Design LA, America’s largest design event.


FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH | 10:30 AM – 4 PM

The home will play host to a series of events including:

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs), available for accredited industry professionals.
  • Kitchen Ventilation: Maintaining Clean Air in a Residence
  • Universal Design: A New Approach to Kitchen Design
  • What’s HOT in Cooking: Current Cooking Technologies and Venting Options
  • Panel Conversation



SUNDAY, JUNE 26TH | 10 AM – 4 PM

The Monogram Modern Home will open to the public for a day of tours, culinary tastings, and live product demonstrations.

WHERE: Dwell on Design LA Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa Street, CA 90015

The home will be located in the Dwell Outdoor section of the show floor.

Join us!

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Method Homes Announces Strategic Partnership with Haiku Home

On 13, Apr 2016 | In blog, Featured, News | By methodhj

Haiku60_Cocoa_Standard_ORB_SenseME_LED_rend.112256Method Homes is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Haiku® Home that will allow us to offer custom Haiku product packages in our predesigned models and custom projects.

Haiku Home is the newly-launched residential division of longtime industrial fan and light manufacturer Big Ass Solutions®. In addition to their award-winning ceiling fans, Haiku Home offers a number of home comfort and efficiency solutions including LED lighting, temperature control and more.

This partnership holds so much promise because Method and Haiku Home share the common goals of making life better for residents by bringing innovative design and greater efficiency into the home.




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Method completes 20 Homes for the Make It Right! Foundation and Ft Peck Reservation

On 08, Feb 2016 | In blog, Featured, News | By methodhj

We’re at Dwell on Design today to give attendees a first look at home designs for our Fort Peck project. If you’re not at Dwell, you can check out the renderings below. We’re thrilled to share this great work with our friends around the world.

Make It Right is partnering with the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes of Fort Peck, Montana to build sustainable homes on their reservation. This year we will build the first twenty Cradle to Cradle-inspired, LEED Platinum homes for tribal members in need of housing. Currently, more than 600 people are waiting for homes.

Architects and designers from GRAFT, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative, Architecture for Humanity, Method Homes and Living Homes spent four days meeting with tribal members before developing their designs.

Read more here



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Method Homes Launches New Model

On 12, Oct 2015 | In blog, Featured, News | By methodhj

Method Homes, builder of sustainable, modern, prefab homes and commercial structures, announces the official launch of the Method Homes Elemental Series Model 5. Since its launch in 2008, Method Homes has built a large portfolio of highly custom, architecturally-detailed prefabricated homes and commercial projects throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The new Elemental 5 offers 4-5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths with 2,800-3,800 square feet of living space comprised of six modules. The model was designed by Method’s architect partner Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture.

Originally Inspired by the Elemental 4 design, The Elemental 5 is set up to accommodate clients with larger square footage needs who are looking for the efficiency and craftsmanship of the modular process.  The design has built in flexibility allowing for a great room that embraces the natural light and views as well as the ability for a separate bedroom level.  We have developed different versions of the floorplan and can customize the plan to suit individual client sites and needs.

Method Homes offers eight lines of sustainable, architect-designed home models that range from rustic modern cabins, uber-modern urban homes, and
Net-Zero ready homes to classic cottages. Clients have the opportunity to fully customize their system packages, finish options, and specifications. In addition, Method offers 100 percent custom home solutions.

“Each of our homes is custom-tailored by our architects and precision-built by our master craftsman,” says Brian Abramson, co-founder of Method Homes. “This allows the homebuyer more flexibility and customization with a reduced construction timeline and fixed cost contract that makes prefab a smart choice.”



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Monogram Modern Home – Boston

On 09, Sep 2015 | In blog, Featured, News | By methodhj

Hello Boston!

Dwell and Monogram are bringing the Monogram Modern Home to you.

We will be popping up at The Innovation and Design Building September 11th – 12th during the American Field Exhibition and Market.

On Friday September 11th, the home will host a series of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Check out the details and sign up below!

On Saturday, September 12th, the doors will be open to the public. Plus! When you stop by, you will have the chance to enter to win a Monogram appliance. A full schedule of events is listed below.

See you there!

For more information, visit




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Come see the Modern Monogram House built by Method on tour now

On 11, May 2015 | In blog, Featured | By methodhj

Method Homes is excited to announce the completion of a modern-prefab traveling show home we were commissioned to build for Monogram Appliances and Dwell Magazine. The home will be touring the country showcasing Monogram’s latest and greatest high performance home appliances, along with showing off modern design and prefab in general. 

In addition to Monogram’s suite of appliances, other sponsors for the home include: Dwell Magazine, Western Windows, AL13 Aluminum Siding, Smith and Vallee Woodworks Cabinetry, Kahrs HardwoodFlooring, Henry Blueskin Building Wrap, Heath Ceramics Handmade Tile, Statements Tile and Stone, Kohler plumbing fixtures and bath accessories, AGS Stainless Railings, Zometek Decking, Panasonic, Ceasarstone countertops, Unico, and Lutron. 

The tour kicks off this weekend at Rejuvenation in Portland, OR so don’t miss it! For tour dates and further event information click on this link:

We are excited the Monogram show home will be traveling to Dwell on Design in Los Angeles at the end of next month (May) where we will have a crew of Method team members showing off the build and answering all-questions PREFAB. Method will also have a second show home there sponsored by the Make It Right! Foundation and Dwell that will be one of 19 homes sent to the Fort Peck Reservation in NE Montana. So we’ll have two homes at DOD 2015 for you to tour!


Next stop: LA!




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Come see Method at Dwell on Design May 29-31

On 10, May 2015 | In blog | By methodhj

FB Photo_1Method is very excited that we will have two homes on display at this year’s Dwell on Design show. We will have the Make it Right Fort Peck Home and the Modern Monogram home. We’ll also have a booth near the homes and bunch of team members  at the show. Come see us!

Dwell on Design LA, May 29-31, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Friends and Family receive $5 off tickets with promo code: FF15. Register by clicking here.



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Method offers Zero Net Energy

On 26, Mar 2015 | In blog, Featured | By methodhj

Commonly referred to as ZNE, achieving Zero Net Energy is to have a building that produces the same amount of renewable energy onsite as it consumes. This is  measured in a 1-year term.  The following building and design strategies will provide insight into how your home can become ZNE.

The following can be applied to your home and will begin during the design phase of the process. Method is offering ZNE packages tailored specifically to projects utilizing some or all of these strategies depending on the climate, site and design..

  1. Insulation
    1. Adding insulation to the ceiling has the largest impact on the energy consumed in a home.
    2. Avoiding thermal bridging through either double stud walls, rigid foam wrap or a combination is another important strategy.
    3. Use surface mounted lights on the ceilings exposed to the outdoors.  The nature of heat transfer reduces an otherwise well insulated R38 ceiling considerably with a small amount of can lights that do not allow for a proper amount of insulation above the light.  An example of this is if you have a 1000 sq ft roof with R-38 and then have an attic door that is 10 sq ft that is not insulated so R-1 your resulting average roof R value is only 27.7.
  2. Tight Construction
    1. Blower door tests measure the amount of air that escapes a building at a standard 50 Pascals of pressure.  In order to achieve a very tight envelope specially formulated tape is commonly used to seal the seams of the plywood during framing.
    2. Another strategy is to use expanding foam sprayed in a thin layer in the wall cavity that is then blown full of fiberglass.  The thin layer of foam seals the airflow and the fiberglass keeps this option at a reasonable price point, this is commonly referred to as ‘flash and fill’.
  3. Fresh air
    1. Recommended at a rate of .35 air changes per hour, meaning that all of the air in your house is replaced approximately every 3 hours.  If you live in a cold or a hot climate this essentially means that you are heating or cooling the outdoors.  To alleviate the lost energy we use a heat recovery ventilator, HRV or ERV depending on your climate.   This mechanism has a heat exchanger that recovers the heat or cold from the exiting air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air.
    2. In addition to having fresh air it is important to pay attention to the contents of the materials used, for this reason Method Homes uses plywood sheathing and only materials that have NAUF, no added urea formaldehyde as well as low and no VOC adhesives and paints.
  4. Windows and Doors are an integral part of the thermal envelope and it is therefore important to incorporate high performance options.
    1. Windows are measured with the inverse of the walls R value called U values, the lower the U value the higher the R value and the better insulated the door or window is.
    2. It is recommended that windows and doors have a .20 U value or less.
    3. Another strategy is to incorporate windows with varying solar heat gain coefficients, SHGC, depending on the orientation and the energy modeling.
  5. Passive solar design
    1. This strategy incorporates a number of the above mentioned techniques into a comprehensive whole.  This can best be analyzed and fine-tuned with an energy modeling software such as Energy Plus.
    2. This process will illuminate the most cost effective strategies and give overall estimated energy consumption.  Some items that will be looked at include; building orientation, thermal mass, shading and solar access among other things.
  6. High efficiency hot water heater.
    1. As the cost of solar electricity through PV panels has come down it is now more cost effective to use a high efficiency air source heat pump hot water heater rather than have a solar hot water panel installed on your roof, though some people may want this option.
    2. A heat recovery coil that surrounds the drain to the shower known as a GFX or Powerpipe recovers the heat from the drain and feeds back into the hot water tank.
  7. High efficiency heating and cooling system.
    1. A ductless mini split that for every watt consumed can produce 2.5-3 watts of heating or cooling, 250-300% efficient. Another efficient option is a heat pump for heating water for hydronic radiant heat; we utilize the Daikin Altherma system.
  8. High efficiency appliances and lighting
    1. From the refrigerator to the washer and dryer it is important to look for energy star ratings and the specific energy loads of each model.
    2. Lighting is best handled by an integrated approach using well placed windows and LED lighting.
  9. The final part to building a ZNE home is to install a photovoltaic solar (PV) array that can produce as much energy in a year that you will likely consume in a year.  There are various methods to monitor the consumption and production of energy.
  10. Ultimately the success of a building reaching ZNE will depend on the home owner and the thoughtful decisions that affect the overall energy consumption.


There are numerous certifications that help to quantify different aspects of building a high performing home, from LEED to the living Building Challenge.  We can work with you to achieve these certifications or we can simply incorporate various strategies as described above to build you a long lasting, healthy efficient home.



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