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Method Homes and Balance Associates Architects offer an expanded Balance M Series. The M Series has multiple interior and exterior finish options and is fully adaptable for various sites, locations, and owner needs. In addition to our predesigned models, Balance is available to create custom prefab designs.

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The Cabin Series, designed by Balance Associates Architects incorporates innovative and efficient details into our line of prefab homes. The Method Cabin ranges from 1,200-2,800 square feet and is fully customizable. Designed to take full advantage of its surroundings, the Method Cabin can fit on many different property types.

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Paradigm is a sustainable series of prefab homes by Method Homes and Bogue Trondowski Architects. Paradigm design focuses on efficient living through open floor plans with a sense of spaciousness inside and connection to the outside. Method is offering sustainability option packages to make Paradigm homes built to Living Building Challenge or Passivhaus standards.

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A modular design is an intelligent choice. It leads to maximized efficiencies and allows for a uniquely flexible model of scale. HOMB is based on 100-square-foot triangular modules that can be configured and easily expanded upon. HOMB's unusual economy of space and array of interior finish options are designed to work in harmony to create a living environment that's every bit as cozy as it is pragmatic.

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Option Series

Grouparchitect and Method Homes collaborate on the Option Series: a line of adaptable, efficient, and livable modular homes. With customizable floor plans, roof styles, finishes, and sustainable upgrades, every Option Series home is simple, smart, and streamlined. We've made Option our most affordable package to date, without sacrificing quality of craft and aesthetic.

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Method Homes Elemental Series

The Method Homes Elemental Series is a line of contemporary, efficient, and livable modular homes. Method offers 6 different floorplans for you to customize with our interior palette selections and finish packages. In order to hit a lower price point Method has hand selected detailed specifications and finishes and bundled upgrade options into finish and sustainability upgrade categories.

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Cottage Series

The Cottage Series is a line of traditionally-inspired prefab bungalows by Studio 29 Architecture and Method Homes. Classic in style and efficient by design, the series is designed for adaptability to multiple aesthetics and seamless future expansions. Method offers six unique floor plans with tiered system, material, interior palette, and finish packages. All floor plans can be tailored to fit a variety of design aesthetics – including Cape Cod, Key West, and Farmhouse. In addition to the customizable floor plans, Method Homes is offering a full line of garage and accessory dwelling units that compliment the designs.

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SML Series

The Balance S-M-L Series is a series of small, smartly designed, prefabricated homes that make it quick and affordable to create a personal retreat without sacrificing style. Designed to arrive 95 percent complete within 2-3 months of purchase.

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Annata Series

Method Homes and Chris Pardo Design offer the Annata. The Annata Series embraces the indoor outdoor living experience with a single level design, providing ample space for a deck or patio. The finishes are fully determined by each client during the design process with curated selections from our design team and custom options beyond those.

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