Based on hexagonal grid patterns constructed of 30-degree triangles, HOMB represents the ultimate in flexibility. The HOMB building model creates a modular system capable of lifespan space addition and subtraction, residential and commercial applications, flexible and custom floor plan layouts, and eligibility for organic, steep sloped, or small lots.

The first HOMB was set in Northeast Portland last Thursday. The 3,900 square foot residence (2400 square feet of modules) is a custom version of HOMB, configured of 28 triangle units. With elements including half-hexagon and triangle custom skylights, 100 square foot cantilevers in front and back, floor to ceiling glazing, custom poured tile, and a double vaulted section that will make up the home’s great room, this home will act as the showcase residence for the HOMB brand.

Another core element of the Portland HOMB is the great amount of structural detailing involved: custom steel structural members, detailed structural connections, and an intricate ceiling beam system form HOMB’s frame. All of these elements center around the first component of the project to be set: a custom 26-foot prefabricated steel staircase that was installed the day before the modules. Method worked with site contractor Rainier Pacific to lift the modules over the stairs during the one-day set, with strategic accuracy. The first HOMB will be open for tours following the Portland AIA’s Design Matters tour.

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