Method recently got a chance to visit with Studio 29 architect Chris Rost about the story behind Method’s newest series of prefab home designs.


Q:  What is the history of Studio 29 Architecture? What is your mission?

Rost:  I have been working in the Pacific Northwest and San Juan Islands as an architect for 22 years. Studio 29 was founded after the suggestion from a former client. At Studio 29, we strive to design homes that embody the unique character of our clients and embrace the natural beauty of the land they occupy. Living and working in the San Juan Islands has instilled in us a deep respect for the local environment. It compels us to explore sustainable design solutions that will help preserve and protect the local ecosystem for the generations that follow.

Q: How did you come to partner with Method Homes? What was your first collaborative project?

 Rost: We discovered Method in 2010 during our search for a strategic partner to build our prefab vacation homes.  Method Homes constructed a display model for the Seattle Home Show.  Shortly after, we designed and built our first custom home, which provided impetus for the new Cottage Series.

Q: How did the idea for the Cottage Series come about?

Rost: In an effort to find a more ecologically sensitive way to build in the San Juan Islands, we began researching prefabrication (2009).  Our research convinced us prefab was the way forward, but also revealed a market populated almost exclusively by modern design.  This revelation led to the creation of a series influenced by early rural American coastal and farm communities.

Q: Overall, what sets the Cottage Series apart from other Method models?

Rost: Traditional design sensibility.  Plan and aesthetic flexibility.  Broad appeal. There is an audience who is looking for prefab and looking for a craftsman-style home. With the cottage designs, the point of reference for prefab gets transferred from the misconceptions of prefab back to the traditional stylings of a home. These are architect-designed homes.


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