Method can get you into a new home on a fixed budget within a predictable timeline.

Preliminary Consultation

Our process begins with a scheduled phone conversation or meeting with Method. During this consultation, we review your needs, site, budget, typical schedules, our process, and any other questions you may have. We can provide you with rough cost estimates for your project as well as discuss financing options. If you are looking for vacant land to build on or a house to purchase and rebuild, we can also assist you and your realtor in the site selection and assessment process. If you are already working with an architect, we can provide valuable information on design guidelines for a modular approach.

Obtain Financing

If financing is required, it is important to have a budget in mind and to get pre-approved from a bank for a construction loan. Because Method is familiar with the bank approval process, we can put you in touch with our lenders or speak with yours.

Land Selection

If you do not currently own land, the initial step is to identify a site. We encourage you to work with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about new construction and site selection to find a suitable property. Method can provide an initial assessment of your site when you have selected land and are ready to write an offer.

Retain Method for Site Feasability

A Feasibility Study identifies all the information that is necessary to move into the Design Phase. During Feasibility, Method works with you to completely review your project and create a turnkey cost estimate. A Feasibility Study is a comprehensive review of engineering, permitting, design, access, trucking, and site issues, as well as costs that may impact your project. At the completion of a Feasibility Study, Method provides an official review and turnkey cost estimate for your project.

During the Feasibility Study Phase, Method Homes studies/coordinates:

  • Required permits, design reviews, and associated fees.
  • Site survey and soil test results
  • Access, shipping, and installation costs
  • Modular costs to meet client specifications
  • Site construction costs

Design & Permitting

Once all the site reports and feasibility have been determined, you will contract with Method for design and engineering of plans for the permit set.

During the Design Phase, Method Homes:

  • Coordinates architects and engineers to complete plans and specifications for your project that are needed for permitting and construction
  • Works with you to obtain local permits
  • Obtains permission for factory construction and transport of modules
  • Prepares — or requests from qualified sub-contractors — competitive estimates for all aspects of on-site construction
  • Finalizes the schedules for factory and onsite construction

Design Coordination

The next step is to contract with Method for the design and engineering of the permit set. Depending upon the design you select, architecture fees range from $12,000–$25,000. There are additional costs for customization. Each home must be specifically engineered to its site conditions and zoning restrictions, and it must have a custom site plan and foundation plan. Cost for structural engineering ranges from $2,500–$6,000+.

If needed, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering costs range from $2500-5,000. Concurrent with Architecture and Engineering, the client enters into a design coordination agreement with Method and furnishes a $12,500–$20,000 deposit. $5,000-10,000 of this deposit is credited towards the purchase price of the home. This portion of the deposit holds a place in production.

The remaining $7,500–$10,000 is for Method’s pre-construction services rendered:

  • Coordinating architecture and engineering
  • Assembling permit package and forms
  • Submitting for and obtaining factory permits
  • Obtaining a local jurisdiction building permit when Method is general contractor, or working with external GC for permit and scope of work definition
  • Interior design services and specifications selection process (1–3 consultations), which will determine the final costs.

Permit & Contract

Method Homes will submit for factory construction permits, and coordinate local permit submittal. Contracts are typically executed once permits are submitted, and a 25 percent initial payment for the modules is made. Construction commences upon issuance of permits.


Factory and onsite construction can commence upon issuance of local and factory inspection permits and the execution of Method Construction Agreements.

Schedule of payments for factory construction:

  • Method receives a 25% initial payment for the modules upon execution of the Construction Agreements
  • A 25% progress payment is due halfway through the factory construction process.
  • The balance of the modular construction contract is due upon delivery of the modules to the site.

Deliver, Complete, & Live

Approximately 2 months out from the start of site and factory construction, your home will be delivered and installed. In most cases, a crane places the home at the site, and the set usually takes 1 day. Method works with a modular crew that specializes in installation and will coordinate the set. Allow approximately 2 to 8+ weeks for site finish items after the set. The next step? Move in and enjoy your new Method home!