How much does a prefab home cost compared to a site-built home?

Prefab — also called off-site construction  — offers faster completion rates with fewer labor hours, reduced energy use and waste of materials, and lower fees for the building design and specification on the same site. The modular trucking component of the process represents a negligible cost in comparison to the other savings. Because of the efficiencies and inherent predictability of prefab construction, we can provide a turn-key estimate for the full cost of the project, which dramatically reduces or eliminates the risk of scope changes and cost overruns. In areas with very low construction site costs, there are fewer savings. In those specific locations, prefab homes may be a more costly endeavor.

How much is a Method home?

Method offers modern prefabricated homes at a variety of price points. We arrive at the final, fixed price at the time of signing a contract, which is based on the options and finishes of your choice. Base prices for our home series range between $170 and $300+ per square foot for the modular portion of the home. In addition, there are soft costs for design, engineering, and permitting, site costs for foundation, excavation, utilities and completion and costs for transportation and installation. These costs vary based on site, location, and design and are determined on a per project basis. For projects in west coast cities, remote, and locations with high local labor costs we find that all in costs ( pre-construction and permit costs + modular costs + site and delivery costs, including land development and sales tax) typically end up in the $350-$500 per square foot range.

How much will I save in going prefab with Method Homes?

Potential savings of prefab construction by Method can be significant. Cost savings of 20 to 30 percent or more can be achieved through efficiency, speed, our purchasing advantage over traditional contractors, and other factors. However, we have found that the cost advantage of prefab over site-built construction can vary greatly, mainly determined by the market. Method’s cost advantage is generally greatest where on-site construction is already expensive due to a site’s remoteness or its location in an expensive real estate area.

What portion of the total cost does the pdf price represent? What additional costs may be incurred?

Modular pricing listed in the pdf includes the; trim, plumbing and electrical components, windows, finishes such as flooring, ceiling and walls. The kitchen and bath cabinets, counter tops, tile, and fixtures are also included.  

When we do a specific estimate for our clients it will include;  the cost of factory permit, design, engineering, site work, foundation, appliances, delivery, installation, and onsite completion. Costs that vary widely depending on your site, topography, and location include local costs for permits, impact fees, utility connections, septic, well, and access roads, will be further refined once plans have been developed specific to the site.

How much does it cost to transport a home to my location?

Transportation costs vary significantly depending on the number, size, and weight of modules and the distance and route they travel and begin at $800+ per truck load.  Typically all in costs including the crane, set crews and trucking will be between $30-100k.  We work with a number of trucking firms to manage transportation costs carefully.

If my home is already designed, why do I have to pay for an architect?

In addition to meeting building codes for our factory jurisdiction, Method homes and commercial structures are built to meet the local building codes of your site. Our architects are used on every project to ensure all zoning requirements are met, create a foundation plan, and prepare a set of construction documents for permit submittal to the local jurisdiction. Each home needs a foundation plan and site plan to be designed and engineered for local codes and conditions. A permit package for the local building department is also required. Additionally, we offer customization of the floor plans and exterior so the home properly relates to the site and owner needs and preferences, maximizing views and other conditions.

Will you sell your house plans?

Method and our architect partners produce our designs for our exclusive use only. We control the production of homes at this level to ensure the final structures are built with the highest quality.

What is included inside the prefab portion of the home? Are appliances included?

The cost of our prefab modules includes all finishes and components — cabinets, fixtures, siding, trims, windows and doors, electrical and plumbing components, and heating and mechanical systems. Because homeowners typically prefer to select their own appliance packages, items including stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers are excluded from the modular price. An allowance for appliances is included in the prelimiary turnkey estimate and varies based on the series of designs.


Vary by project. $25,000 and up

Soft costs include:

• Feasibility Study
• Site survey
• Geotechnical soils analysis
• Architectural design
• Structural engineering
• Permit coordination
• Utility connection fees
• Permit and impact fees

City fees associated with obtaining a building permit can vary greatly depending on jurisdiction and are determined during the feasibility process.


Base prices start from $180–$210/sf

Our homes are built with a high level of craftsmanship. All Method homes come standard with durable, sustainable, and healthy materials, premium finishes, and energy efficient fixtures.

Modular costs include interior and exterior finishes, including:

• Siding
• Cabinets
• Flooring
• Tile
• Plumbing and lighting fixtures
• Countertops
• Plumbing

Appliances are customizable to fit a client’s budget, aesthetic, and lifestyle, so these are not included in the modular costs. Base modular pricing is available for each predesigned model.


Typically 30 to 70 percent of the modular costs

Site costs include:

• Site prep work, including excavation)
• Utilities
• Foundation
• Shipping the modules to the site from the factory
• Installation of the home
• All on-site finish work, including connecting the modules at the seams
• Utility connections
• Additional site-built components such as decks, exterior stairs, and paint

Site work costs vary based on a variety of factors, including the condition of your land, topography and soil, total number of modules, and complexity of the project.