Simpatico Series

Method is honored to launch the Simpatico Series by Swatt Miers Architects as its newest series of homes.

The Simpatico Series by Swatt Miers Architects invites the outside in and uses an innovative system of modules. Every Simpatico Home starts as a true net zero energy home, including the solar voltaic system in the base costs. Simpatico is a proprietary modular design system that will be configured to suit your unique site and goals.

The Swatt Miers Simpatico Courtyard Home is designed to be a kit of parts, customizable to the client’s (growing) needs. This design can be built as the complete 3 module, 2 site built part home, or built incrementally with few modifications needed. The home has ample glazing for indoor/outdoor living, and the site built portions allow for large cantilevers and taller spaces.